1 click Self Service Restore? Yes, please.

I got the chance to test this feature out today at the request of a customer. This feature was going to allow them a much simpler configuration in their environment, and also not require Microsoft DPM. Since I hadn’t used the feature myself I decided to take it for a spin. So what is it?

1 Click Self Service Restore allows users to restore their own files. This feature uses Nutanix’s built in Data Protection. It is extremely easy to set up. I set it up in a test environment in minutes. I believe it is a feature of 5.0 or newer.

First step is ensure that your VM has Nutanix Guest Tools enabled. Ensure that the SSR feature is checked.

Once it is enabled you will need to install them. They mount in the cdrom drive. It may even autoplay.

After the installation we need to setup a Protection Domain under Data Protection tab. Configure your PD with the schedule you require.

I created some files that would represent something I deleted and wanted to copy back.

Once the PD is created and it has taken its snap, its time to run the executable for the SSR from within our vm.



Once you launch the executable, you will need to login to the local portal. This is your system credentials, not the Nutanix administrative portal.

After authentication you can see the snaps that belong to this VM. You can click on each individual snap and see the disks associated. Click on any that you wish to restore from and then click Disk Action and Mount. You can then navigate through the Windows Explorer and see the mounted drive.


Now you have access to your file!

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