Configure a Network Switch in Prism to show latest network visualization!

With the release of Asterix (AOS 5.0) you can now view very detailed information into your switch. This is great news because the visibility into the physical network layer in AHV was not very detailed before.

Nutanix has supported adding in a network switch config for some time now to be able to view stats in Prism, but it wasn’t until Asterix where you can see such things as AHV host vswitch config, detailed port information and vm to host to port to physical switch mappings.

Getting a switch configured with a basic config to pull into prism is pretty easy. Let’s begin.

Let’s start with the physical switch config. I am using an Arista 7050.


Now lets configure Prism. Click the Network Switch option and let’s add a Switch Configuration.

Click on the gear in Prism and Click “Network Switch.”

Using the basic information from our network config input the SNMP community name as well as the username, and also pull down the correct version. I used v2c. Don’t forget to add your switch management ip address!


Now you can click on the network visualization from the menu.




Have fun playing around with the visibility.

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